Hurricane Rita, the Day After

Rita landed further East of us then originally projected.  We survived with no apparent damage.

We now have to find some gas so we can get around, find a store that is open. 

It could have been far worse and I don’t plan on doing this again.


Hurricane Rita

I am getting ready to ride out Hurricane Rita.  We have a room set up with food, water and other supplies. 

We tried to evacuate but got stuck in traffic; in six hours we only went five miles.  By that time we were down to half a tank of gas so we opted to return home.  We even thought about attempting it again later that night but the roads were still clogged and there was no gas to be found.

The winds are just now starting up and the power has flickered several times.  I don’t think I will get much sleep tonight.


Ruby/.NET Bridge

Ruby/.NET Bridge

Ah yes, a way to do both at once…..


NOAA Satellite and Information Service Good place to find imagery of Hurricanes.