Blogging from Zoho

So I decided to give Zoho a spin to see if it is better than Google Docs. So far it seems pretty impressive, more document like. Google Docs feels like I have little or no control over the final document.

But the one thing that suprised me: I can post my document to my blog! Man that just made my whole life eaiser! I was wanting something to use for TechShorts but did not really like using the available Blogger editor. I could use BlogJet or Live Writer but I want to be able to blog from my eee PC, which is Linux based.

Zoho to the rescue.


Need Tape

Those are the words spoken to me by my son. He was playing with his GI Joe (one of the fake all plastic ones) when he accidentally pulled off its head. Oops!

This sucks because now I have to retape the head on evy time it falls off.

Of course the real GI Joe's head wouldn't have come off so easy. Growing up we used to regularly abuse them by dropping them off of roofs, blowing them up with fire works, running them over with the car, etc. and they always survived. These cheap plastic ripe offs, well they just suck.


Moving back...

After much thought I am moving back to blogger. I think it is easier than trying to maintain my own blog site.

We shall see. The real push though will be with the TechShorts. That is what I want to really take off.